N. Korea (Thoughts on latest incidents)

Provocation & Justification of owning WMDs such as nuclear weapons.
North Korean officials were on TV today stating that they feel  isolated from talks and other ways of peaceful ways (not involving a bomb maybe).  This is true, I dont need alot of proof.  However, WTF, get a grip in this day and age we are NOT supposed to be adding to the world arsenal of CRAP ie; MORE weapons.  LET’S derail this crap.  Just because N. Korea is testing weapons I say lets start publically DESTROYING AS MANY if not ALL of these weapons that have no REASON to EXIST in the post Cold-War Era theatre.  Osama BinLaden will never care about MUTALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION.  thank you – SANITY
its late but i will revisit this topic later

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