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Talking about The Real Deal on Freelance Marriage

This is a fact of life that I too am struggling with.. the names and such are changed… but the ideas are similar… please read below and let the author of the original post what you think first, then if you don’t mind please send me a response as well.  thanks so much internet land!


The Real Deal on Freelance Marriage

The Real Deal on Freelance Marriage: Is the grass always greener on the other side?

Posted by on Friday, October 16, 2009 3:40 PM
Both Jack and I have freelance jobs, but since Jack works in TV production, he never works at the house. My job, on the other hand, is your classic, roving, work-at-home scenario. I have a desk, I have a chair, and I have several laptops. But I tend to migrate around the house depending on mood and sloth level. To an outsider, it might sound dreamy that I sometimes work through the day wearing whatever weird sweatpant/pj hybrid I passed out in the night before — but trust me, it ain’t cute. Especially since I don’t exactly live alone in a big house with 14 cats. But deadlines can be brutal, and sometimes I drop the ball when it comes to sex appeal. Sorry, babe!

The way I see it, having a regular office job is like eating a meal off of one of those school-cafeteria lunch trays with the dams between the food groups. Voila — built-in boundaries. Take those dams away and work begins seeping into all other areas of your life, making them icky (or for the sake of this analogy, soggy). This is a constant struggle for Jack and me. In the past, Jack has had to put his foot down several times and demand that I tear myself away from the computer or BlackBerry and give him some attention. It’s not easy. Especially when my head tells me that I have to work. The thing is, my marriage is way more important — and I say that with no hesitation. But that doesn’t mean that I won’t forget and take the computer to bed with me the next time I have a huge assignment.

The freelance lifestyle is a big topic and there are lots of different issues to contend with (i.e. no health insurance or any other benefits), but I’m interested in hearing how other couples deal with it. What problems have you encountered? How did you manage to keep things hot when you’re working from home or are on sporadic schedules?