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Facebook for Websites

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The Facebook Platform enables you to make your website more personalized and social. You can mix and match Facebook’s APIs to best meet your goals:

  • Registration + Login — With a single dialog, you can access data including a user’s real name, email address, profile picture and list of friends. Replace or supplement your user account system with Facebook to help drive signups and improve data quality.

  • Engagement — With Facebook users comes their friends; incorporate these connections to make your product more engaging. Social plugins like the Like button and the activity feed enable you to offer social experiences with just a line of HTML. The Graph API enables you to integrate the social graph into your site in deep and compelling ways.

  • Growth — You can publish content from your site into the social graph to reach your users’ friends. The Like button enables users to share your site’s content back to their Facebook stream with one click. In addition, you can integrate pages deeply into the social graph via the Open Graph protocol.

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