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The Drug War’s Effect On Bodies And Minds

The Drug War’s Effect On Bodies And Minds. – DISINFORMATION.COM

The Drug War’s Effect On Bodies And Minds

Posted by JacobSloan onMarch 7, 2012

brokenglassfaceVia Brooklyn Rail, Jason Flores-Williams, a defense lawyer whose father spent sixteen years in prison on drug charges, on the influence of the War on Drugs on how we think:

There are two kinds of power and the drug war’s got them both in spades. The first is we’ll-kick-your-ass power. If you don’t go along with our vision of things, then we’re going to throw you in jail and try to ruin you. It’s the kind of power we think of when we think of China, except that when it comes to the prison-industrial complex we’re actually more repressive than they are.

The second power is foundational to all other forms of power: the power to make people doubt and dislike themselves. All we have to do is look in the mirror to know that the drug war has been an absurdity. Have you ever used drugs? Are you a felon who deserves to go to state prison for it? Are you an enemy of the state? That time last year that you and your husband dropped the kids off for the night at your brother’s house, then smoked weed to have sex in the privacy of your own bedroom—you do realize that makes you a bad person, yes? A good parent would right now call the cops. You should testify against each other. In fact, you and your husband should proceed immediately to the police station and turn yourselves in. And that time last May when your best friend from college came into town and you went out together to that bar that you’ve always wanted to check out and did some blow in the bathroom. Have you reported yourself to the D.E.A.? You unpatriotic scumbag. Or the shrooms you took that Fourth of July at your friend’s pool party—have you cooperated with state and federal authorities, given over the names and addresses of everyone who was there that night? We need you to name names. You must name names. Are you, or have you ever been, a member of the Communist Party?

We let ourselves be criminalized. Forced into the shadows. Made to feel like bad people for relaxing on a Friday night after working 75-hour weeks for the last month and a half. You shouldn’t have been over at your friend’s smoking a joint, talking about what the government needs to do—you should have been back home alone watching TV. We need you isolated. Under control. You don’t know what’s best for you. We know what’s best for you. We are better than you. And everyone on our side, all the people we’ve bought off and put on the payroll, are better than you, too. You just don’t get it: We control the idea of America.

American citizens are being beaten down and oppressed every day because every soul incarcerated means cash money to law enforcement. And more important, the war is a constant reminder that the U.S. government can jail your body and try to own your soul.

I don’t want to sully an article of this calber, but speaking generally America isn’t even remotely in this war.  In fact it has been some time since anyone that isn’t an overbearing sociopath has thought 2 times on the issue to the negative of the current failed (since the 70’s) policy/ policies that we call the rule of law… with a wink, nod, and payment made to South American and Central Asian violent gangs who we probably started or support the fight they do against someone we don’t support for a reason that no one that isn’t on the UNODCP or DEA, INTERPOL, BATFE, or inteligence community INC payment plan could give a half of a shit and 3 drops of piss about.

That’s why Americans sit in jail in the HIGHEST NUMBERS [per capita] in the WORLD (China’s not even close) and you may say: “well those countries just shoot people rather than jail them… guess what ass, we do too.  DEA kicks in the wrong door… bam, your amendment rights are getting on his boot, and what was your floor… before your untimley departure from spaceship earth. Sorry to get all graphic,but this is all too real and it’s time to STOP THE MADNESS! Please do SOMETHING!.

The Rachel Maddow Show Interviews Jon Stewart

Jon shows us, yet again why he is an amazing person… and we are lucky to have him in the discourse of our country.  For laughs and for his humanity which is lost with so many television personalities… He is raw, real and not hype and loud.

Listen to this discourse, it is almost as if we were in England.  A debate, a civil back and fourth with no yelling and no name calling… most of all: NO CUTTING ANYONE OFF.  Listening, to each other is long lost in this country.  We are a dumb, sound-bite loving, 15 min. of fame seeking country.

We could learn from this… this is a “teachable moment”.  We need to cut the cord of the news culture and fix our problems, that means WE not US or THEM. Welcome to the civility of cultured speech.  Thanks Jon, and thanks Rachel!

The Truth about The American Drug War

 The War on Drugs

June 14, 2010

Since 1970, $33 billion has been spent marketing drug prevention campaigns to school kids. However, from 1970, the decrease in drug use among high school students is still 0%. In reality, the increase in Americans who will try drugs this year compared to 1970 is 10 million. Someone is arrested for violating the drug law every 17 seconds, and 37 million people have been arrested in the US for drug crimes. The total amount spent on those arrests comes to $121 billion. As the numbers of drug users increases, the numbers of visits to the doctor will correlate, especially in the near future. Medical billing and coding specialists are needed by all doctors, which means that this is a profession that will not become obsolete, but rather the demand for it is perpetually growing. Furthermore, medical billing and coding specialists are needed to aid millions of Americans involved with drugs.

The War on Drugs
Truth About The War on Drugs

Via: Medical Coding Certification

CrimethInc. Manifesto Part 72-A

CrimethInc. Manifesto Part 72-A

What is Crimethink?

Crimethink can be reached from the subway station only by means of a daring double somersault. It is only a multiple orgasm away from the checkout counter of the grocery store, and a mere lobbed brick distant from the witness bench of the courtroom, but it is much harder to access from the closed playpens of your homes schools, workplaces, and punk rock clubs—only a mystical revelation or masterless revolution will suffice. Crimethink riots rather than diets, so as to love itself body and soul.

Crimethink cannot be captured by the cameras of the photojournalists. Crimethink dies on its feet before it lives on its knees, but it’s more likely to be found on the run in between. . . just like you, perhaps.

Crimethink is the burning bush in the desert of industrial society, which can still be found between the thighs of the most mercilessly free and beautiful. Crimethink is revenge for that fucking flag they put on the moon1.

Crimethink doesn’t speak, it acts, and only speaks when speaking is acting. Crimethink stakes out its dominion where the body is the jagged edge of the world, stopping proudly short of the abyss of abstraction. Crimethink says to you: I put a spell on you, because you’re mine.

For the market manages the managers, hierarchy bosses the bosses, capitalism owns the owners, but a crimethinker is truly a human being, free and wild.

What is CrimetInc.?

One must be enough of a crimethinker to adopt a crimethoughtful stance towards one’s own crimethink. Crimethink is not CrimethInc.—it is, rather, the spirit of playful destruction that saves CrimethInc. from itself.

CrimethInc. throws up contradictions around itself like fences, to protect itself from ideology, from stiffening—yet still sends out a call to revolt that will be heard in every corner of the Occupied Territories by this year’s end2.

Listen hard to silence, and you’ll hear thunder deep inside.

CrimethInc. is the hip gnosis of a new youth rebellion that goes beyond both youth and rebellion. CrimethInc. is a Non-Prophet Organization: it is full of love, but if it comes down to pledging allegiance, it will be nadaist rather than dadaist, or -ist at all, for that matter. CrimethInc. is beautiful: it’s ugly. . . in a world where every old pretty thing has been copyrighted by the greeting card companies, the calling card companies, and the credit card companies, it is a foray into the unknown, to seek new veins of joy before we all suffocate like yeast in our own excrement.

CrimethInc. is the cure for the cancers with which they propose to cure cancer. CrimethInc. sweeps through the streets with fire and banners, and steals through the classroom in xeroxes and whispers. CrimethInc. pilots the rudderless ships of the Movement movement, coded into the paths of those nomads who trade bondage for vagabondage; CrimethInc. smashes tourism and all other despicable formulas for running in place.

CrimethInc. is the Last Loosening: it is here by order of those out of order, so that nothing may ever be in order, or made to order, again. O ye rabble without a cause, CrimethInc. is the ticket out of here you’ve been waiting for—if you’re willing to cash it in yourself, that is. CrimethInc. is very much more what you do than what we do.

CrimethInc. is constantly in effect at lockdown face-offs on city blocks, in banks that are being robbed, on airplanes passing over the Brazilian desert at sunrise. It maintains office hours in squats under riot squad siege occupied by boys and girls who have escaped the suburbs to fall in love. Take the last night train from La Plata to Buenos Aires, and if the doors are open so you can sit on the steps of the train listening to the young passengers beating out a samba rhythm on the seats and singing along behind you as the Argentinean night speeds past, you might realize there is a letter or a novel you need to write—and at that moment, you’ll enter an outpost.

CrimethInc. is present wherever anything or anyone is on fire. CrimethInc.’s field of operations extends as far as there is crimethought, and beyond, into some places where it is impending or unnecessary:
it speeds through Arctic waters in the wake of comets fallen and swallowed up by the cold,
into mythical Russian cities ringed by vast rivers at the end of winter— the crack of thawing ice bellowing into the night,
arriving at the magnetic poles3 where compasses spin,
and moving on
to the bottom of the ocean where the waterlogged
corpses of whales lie.

In Conclusion:

Obviously, gentlemen, if you fear for the morality of your wives, the education of your children, the peace of mind of your investors, the submissiveness of your mistresses and housepets, the solidity of your armchairs and privatized prisons and factory farms, the manner in which your whorehouses are licensed and the security of the State. . . then you are right. But what can you do? You are rotten, and the fire has been lit.

But as for you would-be revolutionaries, radicals wedded to a license without limits, girls and boys who love without leave, we urge you:

    More rigor in your recklessness!
    More ambition in your hedonism!4

When you’re young,
and it feels like you’re invincible,
it’s because you are.
From this moment forth,
no one shall ever die.

Crimethink is the first stirrings of a new world, smuggled across every border in the heads and hearts of a dissident nation of millions, thrown through plate glass windows on notes tied to bricks. It is everything that evades control—the stolen sick-day at the seashore, the shared meal free when the manager is away, the city street liberated for an hour during a demonstration. . . the proud look in her eyes when she walks into the principal’s office holding her girlfriend’s hand.

CrimethInc. is the underground railroad from this world to the next. Hop on.


1 …and you know why they put it there? Because there’s no oxygen, so we can’t burn it. back
2 Don’t believe us? Well, you’ve heard it, haven’t you? back
3 It’s important to point out here that the magnetic poles are not actually fixed—they wander across the surface of the earth. That is, in fact, exactly the kind of voyage sanctioned and undertaken by CrimethInc. operatives: invisible, detectable only by effects registered thousands of miles away, yet of global implication . . . back
4 …an
d vice versa, vice being the key word.back

Quantum World gets bigger

Limits of quantum world stretched

By Jason Palmer
Science and technology reporter, BBC News


Researchers have created a “quantum state” in the largest object yet.

Such states, in which an object is effectively in two places at once, have until now only been accomplished with single particles, atoms and molecules.

In this experiment, published in the journal Nature, scientists produced a quantum state in an object billions of times larger than previous tests.

The team says the result could have significant implications in quantum computing.

One of the pillars of quantum mechanics is the idea that objects absorb and emit energy in tiny discrete packets known as quanta.

This can be seen in a piece of coloured glass, which absorbs a certain colour of light.

That light is made up of photons – packets of light energy – and the glass atoms absorb only photons with the quanta (or amount) of energy that corresponds to that colour. Continue reading Quantum World gets bigger

America, Inc.: Land of Corporate Reign | Phillip D. Collins

I would wager that most people don’t know what Fascism means… it is really simple; and equally scary because it is what we are living in.

America, Inc.: Land of Corporate Reign

– by Phillip D. Collins ©, July 11th, 2008

Benito Mussolini said, “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.”

This model of economic fascism was adopted by Germany and Italy in the 1930s. And, I submit to you that such a marriage between the state and corporate power has taken place here in the United States.

Does this sound like a baseless contention? Allow me to substantiate it with history.

A form of Corporatism began to infect our constitutional republic in the 1930s. It propagated itself under the euphemistic appellation of “planned capitalism” and was hailed as a desirable inevitability. In 1936, Lawrence Dennis published The Coming American Fascism, a polemic contending that America’s adoption of stringent public regulation and the enshrinement of corporate power would invigorate “national spirit.” However, Dennis believed that economic fascism had a major obstacle to overcome. Continue reading America, Inc.: Land of Corporate Reign | Phillip D. Collins

YouTube – Evolution Is NOT Science

a^2+b^2=c^2  Means that there is a god… I don’t know if that’s why evolution is NOT a science… but take this video into your mind, next time you hear a creationist speak.  Store this into your memory or even bookmark it for a Christian friend.  Click more below and laugh or cry… i’m not telling you how to use the entertainment… just linking it.

Continue reading YouTube – Evolution Is NOT Science

I.O.U.S.A. – One Nation. Under Debt. In Stress.

1:21:29 – 7 months ago

Wake up, America! We’re on the brink of a financial meltdown. I.O.U.S.A. boldly examines the rapidly growing national debt and its consequences for the United States and its citizens. Burdened with an ever-expanding government and military, increased international competition, overextended entitlement programs, and debts to foreign countries that are becoming impossible to honor, America must mend its spendthrift ways or face an economic disaster of epic proportions.

Watch the video below – – >

Continue reading I.O.U.S.A. – One Nation. Under Debt. In Stress.