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My first entry

Found a nifty little thing that (eveyone) has probably already came across. Knol. Now I am no Google fanboy, but this… this is good. I have been a fan of blogger for a while, and now I have more reason to visit google services and sites. Nifty. Expect more rants and whatnot later. @ work right now. I am a webmaster so you could say this is research 😉 Anyway here is the Knol article from google’s page… set yourself up an account. Have fun and keep it legit!

Except for the different format, you’ll get all the things you’ve come to
expect from Blogger in Knol. Like Blogger, Knol has simple web authoring tools
that make it easy to collaborate, co-author, and publish. It has community
features as well: Your readers will be able to add comments and rate your
article, and, if you want, they’ll be able to suggest edits that you can then
either accept or reject. And, just like in Blogger, you can also choose to
include ads from AdSense in your knols to perhaps make a little money.One other
important difference between Knol and Blogger is that Knol encourages you to
reveal your true identity. Knols are meant to be authoritative articles, and,
therefore, they have a strong focus on authors and their credentials. We feel
that this focus will help ensure that authors get credit for their work, make
the content more credible.All in all, we think Knol will be a great new way for
you to share what you know, inform people about an issue that is important to
you, raise your profile as an expert in your field, and maybe even make some
money from ads. Create your
Knol right now for free

– knol @