Big Brother : Online (like?)

Content via YouTube user: UrbanWarfareChannel

USER COMMENTS (speak louder than words):

so breaking the law for the police is ok, not when it’s you the little people…It states on the stupid facebook thing that fake profiles are a "violation" of the EULA it doesn’t give exception for law enforcement…which I think that if the "law" needs to break itself to catch criminals it tells you something about it’s integrity.

mikelfc2010  1 day ago


Whenever you feel the urge to expose you intimate details about your life on facebook, watch this video.

isair81 1 week ago


Hmmm that’s interesting….

  1. How do we know that some of these FBI agents themselves aren’t pedophiles?
  2. How come there are so many crazy psycho stalkers around, but nobody seems to give a rat’s ass about them? I wonder.

Hmmmm, catching criminals indeed.

BeautyHealthZoneBlog  2 weeks ago

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