The Rachel Maddow Show Interviews Jon Stewart

Jon shows us, yet again why he is an amazing person… and we are lucky to have him in the discourse of our country.  For laughs and for his humanity which is lost with so many television personalities… He is raw, real and not hype and loud.

Listen to this discourse, it is almost as if we were in England.  A debate, a civil back and fourth with no yelling and no name calling… most of all: NO CUTTING ANYONE OFF.  Listening, to each other is long lost in this country.  We are a dumb, sound-bite loving, 15 min. of fame seeking country.

We could learn from this… this is a “teachable moment”.  We need to cut the cord of the news culture and fix our problems, that means WE not US or THEM. Welcome to the civility of cultured speech.  Thanks Jon, and thanks Rachel!


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