Pocket PC (PPC) HTC Touch HD and Diamond

Running on Windows Mobile 6.5

This is a chome panel editor, its beta release, so be warned. Just to be safe, you should backup your chome registry before using and your Titanium_xxx.cpr files. Its still under development, so there will be some bugs and updates.

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\CHome\*all plugins*
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\CHome\*all plugins*\*all pages*

v1.6 changes:
-fixed Add Page sticking on Page10 and duplicating
-changed file chooser for adding application links, and icon links
-few layout changes
-converted cpr writing to using ATPlugin Installer, huge thanks to AppStar
-maybe more, can’t remember right now

v1.5 changes:
-added web page wizard with opera bookmark import option
-added custom cpr option(more documentation later)
-changed some of layout
-changed color scheme

v1.4 changes:
-finished app wizard, has icon dialog now
-added Remove for panels and pages

v1.3 changes:
-added app page wizard; still needs icon support, but icon links can be added through “Manual Edit Item Values” in menu for now
-fixed issue where not starting for some users

v1.2 changes:
-removed panel filter so you can edit all values under plugins, like CClock to set right soft keys

v1.1 changes:
– made some changes to layout
– added ability to add new panels/new pages to registry and cpr

Now included inside of CHome Editor.


Opera Favorites panel with auto import


NOTE: If you still want to install opera by cab, Jugernaut has your fix using new style ATPlugin Installer for a safe install. Cab is located on this LINK



Warning: this writes and reads data to your phones registry, I take no responsibility if it crashes your windows default plug-in. If you do a backup of that reg first, then it should not be a problem to put everything back to normal without causing hard reset.

With this, you can do registry edits to chome plugins, to values listed under the following keys:


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