Libertarian Talking Points


What you should know


When calling a talk radio program, only pick one or two talking points to say. It is best to relate them to a topic already being discussed on the program. Be kind and respectful to the call-screener and the host.

When you get on the air, try not to talk too much or allow the host to get you "off topic." Make your point quickly and then wait for the host to respond. After the host responds, make your second point and then finish the call. This is the best time to mention your support for Campaign for Liberty by saying something like, "that’s why I support Campaign for Liberty."

While you may only have time to make one or two points during a phone call, many hosts will likely ask you what Campaign for Liberty is; be prepared by asking yourself the same question.

* Campaign for Liberty members are committed to educating their family, friends, and neighbors about the limited government philosophy. We will work on the local, state, and federal levels to stop unconstitutional and corrosive legislation while promoting bills that secure our rights.

* The key to Campaign for Liberty’s success will be our grassroots organizing. We will recruit, equip, and train 180,000 leaders, one for each precinct in the U.S. These men and women will work with their fellow Campaign members to advance the cause of freedom in their local areas. The battle to take back our nation begins in our own backyard!

* Campaign for Liberty’s mission is to promote and defend the great American principles of individual liberty, constitutional government, sound money, free markets, and a noninterventionist foreign policy, by means of educational and political activity.

* Since June 2008, over 100,000 of your fellow Americans have joined Campaign for Liberty to take a stand for the Constitution and our founding principles.

Suggested Talking Points



* The congressional pay raise scheduled to automatically take place in 2010 should not be allowed to go through. They should have to cut back and sacrifice just like their constituents.

* During these tough economic times, stopping the pay raise would show that Washington is serious about fiscal responsibility.

* At the very least, a vote should be taken instead of allowing the raise to automatically happen. The Obama administration should welcome this move to increase transparency and accountability.

* After decades of deficit spending and unconstitutional entitlement programs, each American’s individual share of the federal government’s liabilities is now $184,000… and rising. The current budget deficit is more than at any other time in history. This happened under a so-called conservative president/congress. We have to find our way again.

* Economic freedom is based on a simple rule: everyone has the right to his or her life and property.

* In the United States, many citizens seek to use the government to enrich themselves at their neighbors’ expense. This is immoral. We should stop using the government to do things that would be considered morally outrageous if done by a private individual. It is a shame that a Republican administration that was backed by conservatives presided over one of the biggest thefts in history: the bailout of the banks and automotive industry. We have to find our way back to fiscal sanity before we can dream of winning an election.

* Why would we expect a system based on legal theft, as ours is, to be a net benefit to the poor or middle class? Every one of the special benefits that have been enacted by both Republicans and Democrats makes companies less efficient and competitive, and the economy more sluggish. This is exactly what will happen with Bush’s bailouts and Obama’s social spending.

* There should be no income tax, national sales tax, or any other such scheme on the federal level. The US income tax implies that government owns you and graciously allows you to keep whatever percentage of the fruits of your labor it chooses. This is incompatible with the principles of a free society.

* Conservatives criticized Obama for having a lavishly expensive inauguration amidst a time of economic hardship for America. But these millions of dollars are nothing compared to the billions and trillions squandered by both parties in the last decade. It seems like targeting the inauguration is an easy way for people to sound fiscally conservative while ignoring what’s really bankrupting the taxpayer: too much government spending and debt.

* Elected Republicans are sounding more financially prudent every day, now that they have lost Congress and the presidency. But let us remember how spendthrift they were in power. For talk about fiscal restraint to be anything more than a way to score partisan points, we as a people need to rethink the role of government on a fundamental level.

* Obama claims the issue is not big government vs. small government, but making government work. Well, elected Republicans have surely abandoned any role as the party of small government, so, tragically, he might have a point. Obama also says programs that don’t work will be eliminated. I’ll believe it when I see it: almost never does anyone from either party eliminate a government program.

Foreign Policy 

* We can’t expect to have a limited government at home while we have an interventionist foreign policy abroad. The two are intertwined, as the last 8 years have shown us. If we truly want limited government, then we need to stop policing the world.

* Our fighting men and women are stationed on over 700 bases in more than 100 countries. It is time to bring them home to protect our own country instead of focusing on guarding other nations.

* The war on terror has awakened more Americans than ever to the way government exploits fear, and even its own failures, to justify eroding civil liberties. You cannot have limited government at home while having a big-government foreign policy. The Bush Administration and willing conservatives presided over the largest increase in government because they forgot this reality.

* A strong national defense doesn’t mean policing the world, launching preemptive war, or having troops stationed on every continent. Those things weaken our national defense by spreading our resources too thin and bankrupting our government at home.

* Hopefully, conservatives will now recognize that government has limits in foreign policy as well as domestic.

* Obama promises to expand the war in Afghanistan. It has been a nation-building disaster for seven years, and I have little hope he will turn it around. He has already begun to show force against Pakistan. So much for the anti-war candidate.

* Republicans talked as though the commander-in-chief could do no wrong when Bush was in power. I hope they realize they were wrong and dissent from Obama’s foreign policy when they believe it is not in the nation’s interests.

Civil Liberties

Freedom means not only that our economic activity ought to be free and voluntary, but that government should stay out of our personal affairs as well. Freedom means that we understand liberty as an indivisible whole. The government should stay out of our wallets, out of our privacy, out of the way we educate our kids, and out of our lives.

Government should respect our right to privacy, rather than invading it on phony pretenses. Instead of trying to correct our bad habits at the point of a gun, it should defer to families and the normal channels of civil society to instruct people on moral conduct.

* Bush amassed great power during his presidency, and now the Democrats have it. Those who cheered him on are partly to blame for whatever Obama does to invade our privacy, our finances, and our liberties.


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