Palin – Cold as ICE when Biden speaks of sons brush w/ death

Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin showed her true colors tonight when she ignored Joe Biden after he reflected about his wife and children who were victims in a tragic car accident (and fatal.) What a cold bitch. And then I thought “wait a minute, that’s a double standard. If Palin had made a similar emotional outburst, she would have been burned for being so “emotional” or “weak” or a “crybaby” or some sort of feminine adjective.I am far from a Palin apologist, she got obliterated by her ABC and CBS interviews, but let’s not perpetuate the unequal gender norms that if Biden choked up, he’s showing his true colors and character, but if Palin did that, she’s a crybaby.Similarly, if Biden (a man) had a similar response to tragic news, he would have been tagged as being rational, objective, or stoic. But since Palin (a woman) did this, she’s cold-hearted and bitchy.

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