Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop with VMware Tools


Linux is the bane and savior of the windows enterprise… I will ideally run Linux as primary
with Windows XP and Vista in "always on" Virtual environments… mainly this post is so I have
a link back to the VMware image.  Peace.

Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop VMware image with VMware Tools and sound


VMware info
– CPUs : 1
– RAM : 512 MB
– Networking : NAT
– Harddisk : 8 GB SCSI (expanding)
– VMware tools : Installed
– Sound card : Enabled
– USB : Enabled

OS info
– OS : Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop
– Installation : Standard
– Hostname : ubuntu804desktop
– Patches : till date of creation
– IPv4 address : dhcp
– IPv6 address : dhcp
– DNS name : none
– Nameserver : dhcp
– Route : dhcp
– Root password: not set (use sudo to execute commands as root)
– User login : user
– User password: user
– Keyboard : US-intl
– Date created : 24-04-2008

Brought to you by Chrysaor (http://chrysaor.info)
Problems or feedback: http://chrysaor.info?page=contact
Like the image: http://chrysaor.info?page=donations

Last updated: 04/28/2008

Operating system: Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop

Applications installed:
VMware Tools

VMware Tools installed: Yes

Size: 568 MB
Torrent available: Yes
(What is BitTorrent?)

Primary account
Username: user
Password: user

Submitted by: Chrysaor

Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop with VMware Tools


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